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Wayder XML Cheat Collection for MAME 0.163 is released. It's a cheat pack for mame.

Wayder XML Cheat Collection for MAME 0.163 Changelog:

Warrior blade / Warrior Blade

[Select Current Game Rank]
[Easiest] I will always the most friendly state
[Hardest] I will always the most difficult state

[Select Starting Scene]
You can select the start surface

[Infinite Mahadidekaradi MP]
It will not reduce the MP of "Maha di Deca Radi"

Space Battleship Gomorrah / Bio-ship Paladin
(Bioship, sbsgomo)

[Rapid Fire]
While pressing the button is blazing, and then the fire reservoir to be released

I looks like Uteru in Nashi reservoir also shoot reservoir in this cheat alone.

[Always have Max Beam] when used with always becomes automatic fire, even though release the button
It will become in the state, such as the remains are shot reservoir before sticks of its own equipment.

Gradius Ⅲ / Gradius III
(Gradius3, gradius3a, gradius3j, gradius3js)

[Select Vertical Scroll]
You can change the state of the up and down scroll (background Masu Baguri by location)

[Select Shot]
It will change the shot

[Select Missile]
It will change the missile

[Reduce Vic Viper]
Vic Viper will be smaller

[GradiusII Version Vic Viper] (gradius3j, gradius3js)
Vic Viper will be Gradius Ⅱ version of its own equipment

※ This cheat is only Japan edition.

[Shot Attribute - Energy Laser]
Shot hit determination is the same as the maximum width of the Energy Laser

[Missile Attribute - 2way]
The missile will be fired up and down

[Missile Attribute - Photon Torpedo]
Missile will be as to penetrate the enemy (photons of the attribute)

[Missile Attribute - Spread Bomb]
Missile will be as explosive (bomb spread of the attribute)

Stinger / Stinger
(Stinger, stinger2)

[Bug fix - Taxiing Speed ​​(ROM Hack)]
We will fix the bug that remain just above move fast even while taxiing

For this cheat, and we've created IPS patch. (Wayder_omake.zip)

[Always have Back Blaster (ROM Hack)]
It becomes a backward blaster to always equipped with state

[Select Weapon (ROM Hack)]
[Always Blaster] sky, the ground regardless always blaster will shoot
In [Mixed Blaster] the ground, it will shoot both of the ground bullets and blaster alternately

[Bongo Invincibility]
We want to invincible bongos on the ground

Spartan X / Kung-Fu Master
(Kungfum, kungfub, kungfub2, kungfumd, spartanx)

[Improve Diagonally Input]
I will improve the diagonal input (diagonal jump)

[Shakes off Instantly (ROM Hack)]
It will be shaken off immediately even gripped the enemy

Battlefield of wolf Ⅱ / Mercs
(Mercs, mercsj, mercsu, mercsur1)

[Select Starting Mission]
You can choose start surface (Mission)

[Rapid Fire]
It will fire the shot

[Maximum Vitality Gauge]
Capacity of vitality gauge is the maximum

[Select Weapon]
Secure the weapons to equip
[Assault Rifle] assault rifle
[Flame-Thrower] flamethrower
[Shotgun] shotgun
[Grenade Launcher] grenade launcher

[Maximum Fire Power]
Weapons of firepower will power up to maximum.

Dragon Buster / Dragon Buster

[Improve Diagonally Input]
I will improve the diagonal input (diagonal jump)

[Select Starting Round]
You can select the starting round in the range of 2-100

[Select Background]
It will change the dungeon background and BGM of
[Cave] cave
[Catacomb] Catacombs
[Brick] brick
[Tor] rocky mountain
[Rundom] random

[Select Dragon]
It will change the color of the dragon
[Green] Green Dragon
[Purple] Purple Dragon
[Gold] Gold Dragon
[Blue] Blue Dragon
[Rundom] random

[Select Capacity]
You can change vitality of the upper limit of 128 units

[Infinity Vitality (fix)]
Vitality will not reduce

[Cave Shark Appear]
You can choose the appearance state of Cave Shark (Eipa prevention Chara)
[Not Appear] Cave Shark does not appear at all
[Unlimited] always Cave Shark appeared limit the number of

[Unlimited Jump]
Jump allows infinite stage

Does not scroll on the screen even if the multi-stage jump.

Violent storm / Violent Storm
(Viostorm, viostorma, viostormab, viostormeb, viostormj, viostormu, viostormub)


Pac-Land / Pac-Land
(Pacland, paclandj, paclandjo, paclandjo2, paclandm)

[Always found Fruit (ROM Hack)]
Hidden fruit will automatically appearance


acrobatm, arkretrn, arkretrnj, arkretrnu, blockcar, blockcarb, chelnov, chelnovj,
chelnovjbl, chelnovjbla, chelnovu, cninja, cninja1, cninjabl, cninjabl2, cninjau,
ddpdfk10, joemac, ninjakun, pinkswts, pinkswtsa, pinkswtsb, pinkswtsx, raveracj,
raveracja, raveracw, stoneage, xevi3dg

Unification of notation (the contents of the cheat itself does not change)

glocu, gradius3js, rdftauge, rdftjb, rdft2aa, rdft2ja, sf2dongb,
rdftuge, rdft2a2

Add / Remove clones by version up

espgal, gloc, glocu, robocop2, robocop2j, robocop2u, robocop2ua, sf2, sf2b,
sf2eb, sf2ebbl, sf2ebbl2, sf2ebbl3, sf2ed, sf2ee, sf2j, sf2ja, sf2jc, sf2jf,
sf2jh, sf2jl, sf2qp1, sf2rk, sf2stt, sf2thndr, sf2ua, sf2ub, sf2uc, sf2ud, sf2ue,
sf2uf, sf2ug, sf2ui, sf2uk, sf2ce, sf2acc, sf2acca, sf2accp2, sf2amf, sf2amf2,
sf2bhh, sf2ceblp, sf2ceea, sf2ceja, sf2cejb, sf2cejc, sf2ceua, sf2ceub, sf2ceuc,
sf2dkot2, sf2dongb, sf2koryu, sf2m1, sf2m2, sf2m3, sf2m4, sf2m5, sf2m6, sf2m7,
sf2m8, sf2m9, sf2mdt, sf2mdta, sf2mdtb, sf2rb, sf2rb2, sf2rb3, sf2red, sf2v004,
sf2yyc, sf2hf, sf2hfj, sf2hfu, ssf2, ssf2a, ssf2ar1, ssf2h, ssf2j, ssf2jr1,
ssf2jr2, ssf2r1, ssf2tb, ssf2tbd, ssf2tbh, ssf2tbj, ssf2tbr1, ssf2u, ssf2ud

Remove part by Honke cheat update

carhntds, crkdown, crkdownj, crkdownu, dbreed, dbreedm72

The file deletion by Honke cheat update

Download: Wayder XML Cheat Collection for MAME 0.163
Source: Here

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