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EmuCR: PDSX PDSX v0.3.0 is released. PDSX is a Playstation BIOS pseudo-emulator for DS/DSi. Ever wanted to run PS1 on your DS or DSi, but can't, due to it's impossibility to emulate? Well no worries! I have made something that brings at least parts of the PS1 experience to the DS/DSi! Introducing PDSX, the PS1 pseudo-emulator for the DS(i) that brings the PS1 BIOS to your DS(i)! Remember! This cannot run games, so you're only limited to the BIOS.

PDSX v0.3.0 changelog:
SCPH101 (PSone) BIOS added!
Includes logos with registered symbol, and the gray-grid main menu with MemCard and CD icons.
After pressing START, a black screen is now shown for a second.
Bug fix
Added missing TM symbol to SCE logo of SCPH1001 BIOS.

START: Start/Stop pseudo-emulation
SELECT: Swap screens between top and bottom

Download: PDSX v0.3.0

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