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MAMEMAME v0.205 is released. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era.

What's news in MAME:

0.205 2018-12-26

MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 02774: [Graphics] (seta2.cpp) grdians: Occasional one-frame glitches. (David Haywood)
- 04053: [Graphics] (ssv.cpp) eaglshot, dynagear: Missing raster effect. (David Haywood)
- 04954: [Graphics] (cps2.cpp) mvscu, xmvsf, mshvsf: Sprite priority problem on final stage with Onslaught. (hap)
- 05732: [Crash/Freeze] All games using MCS-48: Crash when trying to set watchpoint with wpd in MCS-48 games. (AJR)
- 06539: [Crash/Freeze] (konamim2.cpp) All sets in konamim2.cpp: [debug] Assertion failure on VTLB fill. (Phil Bennett)
- 06566: [Crash/Freeze] (vic20.cpp) All sets in vic20.cpp: Mounting Data 20 Video Pak (videopak) causes an exception. (Ryan Holtz)
- 07005: [Crash/Freeze] (vamphalf.cpp) wolrdadv, luplup, poosho (possibly more): Games crash after 36 minutes with DRC. (Ryan Holtz)
- 07022: [DIP/Input] (vtech2.cpp) laser500: Some keys are not working. (Robbbert)
- 07049: [Media Support] (ct486.cpp) ct486: MAME writes to floppy images opened in read-only mode. (AJR)
- 07116: [Save/Restore] Numerous drivers: Memory banking not restored correctly when loading save states. (O. Galibert)
- 07131: [Graphics] (vtech2.cpp) laser500: Hand-drawn character generator ROM contains errors. (nippur72)
- 07165: [Documentation] (bzone.cpp) bzone: Incorrect memory range in comments. (zaxxon)
- 07169: [Sound] (equites.cpp) equites, equitess: No sound effects after changing DIP switches and soft reset. (AJR)
- 07170: [Sound] xaudio2: Module attemts to look up XAudio2 APIs in DirectWrite DLL. (Moe)
- 07172: [Gameplay] (vii.cpp) vii + vii software list entries: Inputs no longer work for vii and vii cartridges. (Ryan Holtz)
- 07177: [Documentation] swim: Closing parenthesis missing in device description. (AntoPISA)

New working machines
Dance Dance Revolution Strawberry Shortcake [Peter Bortas, ClawGrip, The Dumping Union]
Four Play [Robbbert]
Game & Watch: Oil Panic [algestam, Eric Smith]
Game & Watch: Squish [algestam, 4am]
Jong Shin (Japan) [ShouTime, The Dumping Union, Ivan Vangelista]
Magic Purple [David Haywood, Jose IBI, Arcade Vintage, Recreativas.org, The Dumping Union]
Pastel Island (Japan, prototype) [ShouTime, David Haywood]
Player's Edge Plus (X002143P+XP000043) Joker's Revenge Poker [Brian Troha]
Super Ball (Version EC-3.50 N165) [Grull Osgo]
Super Ball (Version EC-3.50 N322) [Grull Osgo]
Venom & Spider-Man - Separation Anxiety (SNES bootleg) [Jorge Silva, Kravex, iq_132]
Video Eight [Robbbert]

New working clones
Eagle Shot Golf (Japan, bootleg?) [Joshua Inman]
Galaxy Gunners (1990 year hack) [David Torres, ClawGrip, Recreativas.org]
Grand Prix Star (ver 4.0) [Porchy, The Dumping Union]
Iga Ninjyutsuden (Japan, bootleg) [hammy, Jonhughes, digshadow]
Legend of Hero Tonma (World, bootleg with i8751) [hammy, The Dumping Union]
New Biliard 98 (Pool 10 hack) [Roberto Fresca, f205v]
Pit Fighter (rev 1, 2 players) [R.Coltrane, The Dumping Union]
Street Fighter EX2 Plus (Euro 990611)
[Nomax, Brian Troha, Sean Sutton, Henrique Areias Pontes, MetalliC, Evan Korzon, Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]
Street Fighter II': Champion Edition (Red Wave PtII, bootleg) [okada yuko]
Street Fighter: The Movie (v1.14N, Japan) [Jorge Silva]
Triumph-Adler Alphatronic PC (NTSC) [AJR]
Trivial Pursuit (Volumen II, Spanish, Maibesa license) [Sevilla Retro, Arcade Planet, Recreativas.org, The Dumping Union]

Machines promoted to working
Evil Night (ver UBA) [Phil Bennett, Ryan Holtz]
Fruit Bonus 2010 [David Haywood, Canil Babypet]
Tobe! Polystars (ver JAA) [Phil Bennett, Ryan Holtz]
Total Vice (ver EBA) [Phil Bennett, Ryan Holtz]

Clones promoted to working
Break Thru (Tecfri license) [ClawGrip, jordigahan, Recreativas.org, The Dumping Union, Roberto Fresca]
Hell Night (ver EAA) [Phil Bennett, Ryan Holtz]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
15 Lions (10166211, Queensland) [Heihachi_73]
Cardinal Video Terminal [Bitsavers]
DECstation 3100 [R. Belmont, Maciej Rozycki]
Epic 14E (v1.0) [Al Kossow]
Flash Beats [R. Belmont, twistedsymphony]
Fortune 32:16 [Bitsavers]
HP 3478A Multimeter [fenugrec]
HP 95LX [shattered]
Les Fiches (ver 1.3) [f205v]
Monon Color [David Haywood, zhongtiao1]
mupid M-Disk Comp.-A [Dirk Best]
mupid Post-Mupid C2A2 [Dirk Best, rfka01]
Network Computing Devices NCD 16 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]
Pro Tele Cardioline (Salter Fitness Bike V.1.0, Checksum 02AB) [ClawGrip, Roberto Fresca, Arcade Vintage, Recreativas.org]
Shine/1 [Carlo Santagostino, Alessandro Liberalato, Nigel Barnes]
Super Mario Fushigi No Korokoro Party 2 [ShouTime, Dane Biegert, rtw, The Dumping Union]
Telmac 1800 [Robbbert]
Trivial Pursuit (Volumen IV, Spanish, Maibesa hardware) [Sevilla Retro, Arcade Planet, Recreativas.org, The Dumping Union]
Won! Tertainment Happy Channel (Ver E) [ShouTime, Dane Biegert, rtw, The Dumping Union]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
Black Belt (Zaccaria, French speech) [PinMAME]
Black Belt (Zaccaria, German speech) [PinMAME]
Black Belt (Zaccaria, Italian speech) [PinMAME]
Grundig FL-100 [Dirk Best]
Grundig PTC-100 [Dirk Best, rfka01]
Infonova C2A2 [Dirk Best, rfka01]
Les Fiches (ver 1.2) [f205v]
More Chilli (20289311, Queensland) [Heihachi_73]
New Star's Phoenix (French speech) [PinMAME]
Orchid Mist (0101241V, New Zealand) [Heihachi_73]
OSCOM 1000B [Robbbert]
Pelican Pete - Jackpot Carnival (10226711, Queensland) [Heihachi_73]
Queen of the Nile (0300785V, New Zealand) [Heihachi_73]
Spring Carnival (10008011, Queensland) [Heihachi_73]
Star's Phoenix (French speech) [PinMAME]
Werewolf Wild (20290711, Queensland) [Heihachi_73]

New working software list additions
Accelerator 1.03, Acom, Advanced BASIC 1.01, ATS 2.60 STL, ATS 3.1 Morley, CommSoft 8.6h, DataGem 1.02F, Demon, Diagram II,
Disc Menu 1.00, Disc Menu 1.20, EdiKit 1.00, EXROM: The Extension ROM 3.17, General Utilities, Hebrew, HyperDriver 1.40,
Ice-Box 1.40, Master Operating System: A Dabhand Guide, Matrix, Midwich WDFS, NTQ Font Extension ROM 2, NTQ Font Extension ROM 3,
NTQ Font Extension ROM 4, Plus 4.00, PMS Genie Junior, ROM Master (Computer Village), Side Writer 4.0, Solidisk DFS 2.2F Issue 2,
Solimon 1.02, StarStore II 2.03, STL Toolkit 1.20 15/10/85, STL Toolkit 1.20 22/10/85, STL Toolkit 1.20 27/09/85,
STL Toolkit 1.3 03/03/86, SupaStore 2.0S, System Delta 2.011, T2C3 1.00, TechnoCAD R1, TechnoCAD R2, Teletel Emulator 1.00,
Teletel Emulator 1.12, TNC2-3 Driver, Trek 1.07, Turbo-PROM, UserRAM Demonstration ROM, User to User, UVIPROM 1.0, VDU 1.2,
VT100 1.60, Xcal [Nigel Barnes]
10 Computer Hits 2, 180, 1985 - The Day After, 1985 - The Day After (alt), 4 Most Megaheroes, 5th Gear, 911 TS, APB, Aardvark,
Ace 2088, Advanced Basketball Simulator, Agent X II: The Mad Prof's Back!, Ah Diddums, Airborne Ranger, Airwolf, Airwolf 2,
Alleykat, Amaurote, Anarchy, Android 2, Andy Capp, Annihilator, Arcade Classics, Arcadia 64, Archon II: Adept, Arkanoid,
Armageddon, Armageddon (Visions), Asylum, Attack of the Mutant Camels, Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, Automania (Manic Mechanic),
B.C. Bill, BC's Quest for Tires, BCII: Grog's Revenge, BMX Racers, BMX Racers (alt), BMX Racers (alt2), BMX Simulator, BMX Trials,
Back to Reality, Back to the Future, Barbarian II, Batman, Batman: The Caped Crusader, Battle Island, Battle Ships, Battle Valley,
Bazooka Bill, Beach Buggy Simulator, Beach-Head, Beat-It, Better Dead Than Alien, Beyond the Ice Palace,
Big Nose's American Adventure, Bionic Granny, Blagger Goes to Hollywood, Blaze Out, Blue Angel 69, Blue Thunder, Bomb Jack,
Bomb Jack II, Bombo, Bombuzal, Booga-Boo the Flea, Booty, Booty (Silver), Brainstorm, Breakthru, Bruce Lee, Bubble Bobble,
Bubble Dizzy, Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games, Bug Blitz, Bug Squad, Bullseye, Bump Set Spike, Burger Chase, C.O.D.E. Hunter,
Cauldron I & II, Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes Back, Cavelon, Cavemania, Caverns of Eriban, Caverns of Xydrapur,
Chain Reaction, Challenger, Championship Basketball - Two on Two, Chiller, Chinese Juggler, Chubby Gristle, Circus Attractions,
Classic Snooker, Cliff Hanger, Combat Lynx, Commando, Commando (Encore), Computer-Orgel, Corporation, Cosmic Convoy,
Cosmic Cruiser, Crazy Balloon, Crazy Cars, Crazy Kong, Critical Mass, Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine, Cybertron Mission,
Cybotron, Cyclons, Cylu, Daley Thompson's Decathlon, Daley Thompson's Decathlon (Hit Squad), Dan Dare II - Mekon's Revenge,
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble, Dark Star, Das Spukschloss, Deadly Evil, Demon Blue, Denarius, Desert Hawk,
Dizzy: Down the Rapids, Donkey Kong, Double Dare, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, Drop Zone, Duck Shoot, Dynamite Dan,
Eagle Empire, Enduro Racer, Engineer Humpty, Erebus, European 5-a-Side, Falcon Patrol, Falcon Patrol 2, Fall Guy, Fast Food,
Fighter Pilot, Finders Keepers, Firelord, Fireman Sam, First Strike, Fist II: La Leyenda Continua, Flak, Flying Feathers,
Footballer of the Year, Force One, Formula 1 Simulator, Frank Bruno's Boxing, Frank Bruno's Boxing (Encore),
Frank Bruno's World Championship Boxing, Frankenstein Jnr., Frightmare, Fruit Machine Simulator, Fruit Machine Simulator 2,
Fun School 2 for 6-8 Year Olds, Fungus, Galactic Games, Gangster, Gaplus, Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot!, Gauntlet, Gauntlet (Kixx),
Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons, Ghostbusters, Ghouls, Gilligan's Gold, Glug Glug, Gold or Glory, Golden Axe, Golf, Golf Master,
Grand Larceny, Grand Prix Simulator, Graphic Editor, Graphics Editor, Gribbly's Day Out, Gryzor, Guardian, Guardian Angel,
Gunstar, Gyroscope, H.A.T.E: Hostile All Terrain Encounter, H.E.R.O., Harvey Headbanger, Headcoach, Hektik, Hektik (alt), Hexpert,
Hollywood Poker, Hoodoo Voodoo, Hoppingmad, Horace Goes Skiing, Hunchback, Hungry Horace, Hustler, Huxley Pig, Hyperbowl, I Ball,
I Ball II, I-Xera, IO (Into Oblivion), Ikari Warriors, International Rugby Simulator,
James Bond 007 in Live and Let Die - The Computer Game, James Bond 007: Licence To Kill, Jeep Command,
Jet Set Willy II: The Final Frontier, Joe Blade, Joe Blade 2, Jonah Barrington's Squash, Jonny and the Jimpys,
Junior Maths: Spirates / Snowmen, KGB Superspy, KP Skips Action Biker with Clumsy Colin, Kaktus, Kane, Kentilla, Kentucky Racing,
Kikstart 2, Kikstart 2 (alt), Kikstart: Off-Road Simulator, Killing Machine, Knight Tyme, Knightmare, Kokotoni Wilf,
Konami's Pooyan, Kongo Kong, Krazy Kar, Labyrinth, Lancer Lords, Land of Neverwhere, Lazer Force, Lazer Wheel, Los Angeles Swat,
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Magic Carpet, Majik, Manic Miner, Manic Miner (MAD), Match Point, Metro Cross, Miami Chase,
Micro Ball, Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz, Milk Race, Missile Command, Mission Omega, Monkey Magic, Monopole, Mordon's Quest,
More Adventures of Big-Mac the Mad Maintenance Man, Moto X, Motor Mania, Motor Mania (alt), Mr. Wimpy: The Hamburger Game,
Munch Mania, Munch Mania (alt), Mushroom Alley, Mystery of the Indus Valley, Nebulus, Neutral Zone, Neutralizor, New York City,
Night Racer, Ninja, Nonterraqueous, Oh No!, Oink!, Olympic Skier, On Cue, Operation Thunderbolt, Operation Wolf, Orbitron, Outlaw,
P.O.D. - Proof of Destruction, Pacmania, Paint-Box 64, Pakacuda, Panther, Paperboy, Paperboy (alt), Paradroid, Parallax,
Park Patrol, Pedro, Penetrator, Periscope Up, Pilot 64, Pinball Wizard, Ping Pong, Pipeline 2, Platoon, Popeye 2,
Popeye 3: Wrestle Crazy, Poster Paster, Pro Skateboard Simulator, Prodigy, Professional Ski Simulator,
Professional Snooker Simulator, Protium, Prowler, Punchy, Pyjamarama, QUATTRO Adventure, QUATTRO Cartoon, QUATTRO Combat,
QUATTRO Fighters, QUATTRO Racers, QUATTRO Super Hits, Quintic Warrior, Raging Beast, Raid over Moscow, Rainbow Islands,
Rally Driver, Rambo III, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Realm of Impossibility, Red Heat, Red Max, Renegade, Rescue on Fractalus!,
Rigel's Revenge, Rik the Roadie, River Rescue, River Rescue (Alternative), Road Blasters, Road Blasters (Kixx), Road Runner,
Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, Robin to the Rescue, Rock Star Ate My Hamster, Rock'n Wrestle, Rock'n Wrestle (alt), Rollaround,
Rollerball, Rollerboard, Rolling Thunder, RoomLord, Rupert and the Ice Castle, Rygar,
S*M*A*S*H*E*D: Strangest Mobile Army Surgical Hospital East of Detroit, S.O.S., Salamander, Scorpion, Se-Kaa of Assiah, Sentinel,
Shamus, Silkworm, Skatin' USA, Skool Daze, Slamball, Slap Fight, Slayer, Slimey's Mine, Slinky, Snokie, Solomon's Key, Sorcery,
Space Harrier, Space Walk, Speed King, Speedboat Race, Spike in Transilvania, Spitfire, Split Personalities, Spore, Spy vs Spy,
Spy vs Spy II: The Island Caper, Spy vs Spy III: Arctic Antics, Squirm, Stallone: Cobra, Star Race, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi,
Starlifter, Starquake, Steel, Stellar 7, Stix, Storm, Strangeloop, Street Cred Boxing, Street Gang, Street Surfer,
Street Warriors, Strike, Strike Force Cobra, Strip Poker, Strip Poker (CDS), Strip Poker II, Strontium Dog and the Death Gauntlet,
Stunt Bike, Stunt Bike Simulator, Sub Hunt, Suicide Express, Summer Games, Summer Games (Kixx), Super Cassette 'B', Super Cycle,
Super Gran, Super Hang On, Super League, Super Seymour Saves the Planet, Super Trux, Superkid in Space, T-Bird, Target Renegade,
Terra Cresta, Terrormolinos, Test Master, The Action Pack, The Curse of Sherwood, The Election Game,
The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, The Halls of the Things, The Helm, The Human Race, The Last Ninja, The Last V8,
The Last V8 (alt), The Legend of the Knucker-Hole, The National, The Newzealand Story, The Power Pack,
The Quest for the Golden Egg Cup, The Quest for the Holy Grail, The Very First, The Vindicator, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends,
Thrust, Thrust (alt), Thunder Blade, Thundercats, Thunderforce, Time Traveller, Tomahawk, Tombs of Xeiops, Tornado Low Level,
Traffic, Trailblazer, Trivial Fruit, Trollie Wallie, Turbo 64, Turbo Boat Simulator, Turbo Esprit, Turtle Jump, U.F.O., Uridium,
Vampire, Vegas Jackpot, Velocipede, Velocipede II, Venom, Wanderer 3D, Wanted! Monty Mole, War Cars Construction Set, War Hawk,
Way of the Exploding Fist, Who Dares Wins II, Who Dares Wins II (Alternative), Wilder Westen, Winter Games, Winter Games (Kixx),
Wiz Biz, Wizball, Word Feud, World Games, World Series Baseball, Xevious, Yeti, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, Yogi's Great Escape, Zoids, Zolyx,
Zone Ranger, Zorro, Zzzzzzz [The Ultimate Tape Archive Team]
3D Labyrinth, 3D Maze, Adventure Quest, Asteroids, BLS Pascal V1.2, Breakout, Car Race, Chaser, Colossal Adventure,
Double Mastermind, Dungeon Adventure, Eldorado Gold, Eliza, Extension Basic, Fruit Machine, Fruit Machine Game, Galactic Invaders,
Galaxian Attack, Galaxy Attack, Gener-80, Graphics ROM Editor, Hangman, Hisoft Pascal 4 V1.0, Hisoft Pascal 4 V1.5,
Hisoft Pascal 4 V2.0, HullForth, Invasion, Invasion Earth, Jailbreak in Space, Level 9 Surround, Life, Logichess,
Lollypop Lady Trainer, Lords of Time, Lumberjack, Lunar Lander, Monster, Moon Raider, NAS-Calc, NAS-Forth V1.11, NAS-Pen 2.0,
Nas-Graphpac 1.0, Nascom Extended Basic, Othello, Pac Man, Piranha, Pack-Mann, React, Retriever 2, Return to Eden,
Revenge of the Drosphila, Reversi, Rubic, Sargon Chess v1.2, Sargon Chess v1.3, Serpent, Snowball, Space Invaders, Space Invasion,
Space Zap, Spacewar, The Hole in the Wall, Tic-Tac-Toe, V & T Assembler, Xtal Basic 2.2, ZEAP 2.0 [Nigel Barnes]
nascom_socket: NAS-Pen 1.0, NAS-Print 80, Sys-Ex [Nigel Barnes]

Software list items promoted to working
bbc_rom: Solidisk DFS 2.1J Issue 2 [Nigel Barnes]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions
bbc_rom: Inter-Base 2.0A, MRM E00 DFS 1.20, Mega3, SatPic 3.0 [Nigel Barnes]
Gangtie xia-yingxiong fanji zhan, Jiangshi lieren, Ji jia xuanfeng-gedou dashi, Kaijia yongshi daluan dou,
Luoke wangguo-bing zhi lan, Luoke wangguo-da maoxian, Luoke wangguo-hei zhi yan, Luoke wangguo-ka pai zhan ji,
Luoke wangguo-mofa zhen, Luoji pin yi pin, Longzhu-wudao dahui, Shen po-shiluo de yiji, Sai er hao-nengyuan da zuozhan,
Sai er hao: Zhanshen dou hun, Yingxiong lianmeng-zhongji gedou [zhongtiao1]
nascom_snap: Starfighters [Nigel Barnes]

Source Changes
-tmp68301: Improved accuracy of registration and acknowledgment of pending interrupts. [AJR]

-balsente.cpp: Separated emulation (and ROM) of 6VB audio board from driver class. [AJR]

-f8: Fixed LNK instruction by testing carry flag before clearing flags (github #4371). [AJR]

-z8: Overhauled register handling. [AJR]
* Moved internal internal register file to a separate address space, and added port output registers to debug state.
* Lock out interrupts on reset until EI instruction is executed.

-mbc55x: Added 8087 coprocessor. [AJR]

-x86: Step over REP instructions in debugger. [AJR]

-alphatro: Corrected clock frequencies and screen timings, and separated into PAL and NTSC variants. [AJR]

-tv955: Made keyboard begin to work, and added cursor emulation. [AJR]

-eepromser: Don't change state on soft reset (EEPROMs don't actually have reset lines). [AJR]

-rainbow.cpp: Improved monitor auto-detection, fixed palette problems, and cleaned up logging, and updated notes. [Bavarese]

-scsp.cpp: Made SCSP emulation better reflect hardware implementation. [cam900]
* Implemented EXTS mixing and DAC18B output, and removed hard-coded DMA IRQ target device.
* Added save state support, marked as having imperfects sound, and updated to use explicitly sized integer types.
* Cleaned up unused and duplicated code, removed MCFG macros, and reformatted code.
* stvcd.cpp: Implemented device_mixer_interface, allowing CD audio to be routed correctly.
* coolridr.cpp, model2.cpp, model3.cpp: Corrected SCSP and sound CPU clocks, and corrected sound balance.
* stv.cpp: Corrected SCSP clock.

-coolridr.cpp updates: [cam900]
* Restricted drawing to clipping rectangle and deferred allocating palette memory until start time.
* Reduced code duplication, replaced a bare pointers with an object finder, and improved tags and member names.

-psikyo4.cpp updates: [cam900]
* Fixed sound routing and reduced runtime tag map lookups.
* Reduced code duplication, eliminated use of ACCESSING_BITS macros, and improved member names.

-prehisle.cpp: Cleaned up code, improved member names, and reduced runtime tag map lookups. [cam900]

-seta2.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
* Deferred allocation of sprite RAM until start time, and reduced use of ACCESSING_BITS macros.
* Made more members protected, reduced unnecessary code, and improved member names.

-pgm2.cpp and pgm2_memcard.cpp cleanup: [cam900]
* Made better use of region finders rather than relying on hard-coded sizes and runtime tag map lookups.
* Changed to abbreviated integer types, made use of m_ member prefix consistent, and streamlined handler member signatures.
* Made code prefer explicitly sized integer types, reduced variable scope, and const-qualified more variables.
* Simplified graphics decoding description, reduceds use of MCFG macros, improved region names, and updated notes.

-deco32.cpp: Fixed graphical regression in captaven and clones (github #4417), and restricted ACE mixing to cliprect rectangle.

-sdl_sound.cpp: Re-worked ring buffer code to better encapsulate it and avoid deadlocks. [Celelibi]

-ssv.cpp: Emulated row scroll and plane masking effects. [David Haywood]

-gcpinbal.cpp: Emulated raster interrupts (used for effects in Power Flipper Pinball Shooting). [David Haywood]

-seta2.cpp updates: [David Haywood]
* Added preliminary emulation of raster effects and X offset registers.
* Improved tilemap wrapping in 8x8 mode and screen size/visible area/layer offset handling.
* Implemented alternate sprite format flag user by grdians map screen overlay.
* Simplified graphics decoding, and cleaned up code.

-goldstar.cpp: Added ROM patches to help Fruit Bonus 2010 boot, and improved inputs. [David Haywood]

-mcs51: Added preliminary AppoTech AXC51-CORE disassembler. [David Haywood]

-bus/nes_ctrl: Added Majesco dance mat device (used by the ddrdismx and ddrstraw in nes_vt.cpp). [David Haywood]

-amiga: Added support for the A2058 memory expansion Zorro card. [Dirk Best]

-hp9825, hp9845: Split I/O subsystem out of hp9845 driver, added I/O slots to hp9825, and added 98032 GPIO module. [F.Ulivi]

-Emulated HP 3478 digital multimeter. [fenugrec]
* Analog-side 8048 MCU is not dumped or emulated - main ROM patched to work around its absence.
* Some LCD characters are unverified, and LCD annunciators are not rendered.
* HP-IB/IEEE488 interface is not emulated (uses i8291 controller).

-ampoker.cpp: Fixed NVRAM size. [Grull Osgo]

-Fixed some collateral damage from refactoring. [hap]

-snowbros.cpp: Replaced yutnori ROM patch with protection simulation. [iq_132, Robbbert]

-toypop.cpp: Simplified foreground coordinate calculation. [kunikuni]

-ti99: Raise a fatal error on detecting an over-sized cartridge dump to avoid memory corruption. [Michael Zapf]

-Updated Android support to build with NDK r18b, current Android Studio, and current Gradle (target API version is now 24).
[Miodrag Milanovic]

-nascom1 updates: [Nigel Barnes]
* Improved parsing of snapshots, and added character ROM snapshot for Sargon Chess.
* Added B-Bug monitor BIOS option.
* Corrected LSW1 links location for Restart address.

-bbc updates: [Nigel Barnes]
* Added bus clocks for FDC (8 MHz), 1MHz bus (1 MHz), and Compact expansion port (8 MHz).
* Added Music 2000 and EMR BBC MIDI Interface 1MHz bus devices.

-debugger: Prevent watchpoints from being installed multiple times recursively. [O. Galibert]

-swp30.cpp: Improved sound generation and added save state support. [O. Galibert]

-ymmu100.cpp: Hooked up MIDI ports and added additional logging. [O. Galibert]

-t10mmc.cpp: Reverted seemingly erroneous change to CD audio commands, and added gain setters for each CD-DA channel. [Phil Bennett]

-nascom1.cpp updates: [Phill Harvey-Smith]
* Fixed Nascom 2/3 keyboard handling so CTRL key combinations work.
* Added correct Nascom 2 NasSys 3 BIOS ROMs for default, AVC and NET versions, and added Nascom 3 CP/M boot v3.2 BIOS ROM.

-apple3: Attempted to improve font uploading (still not perfect). [R. Belmont, Rob Justice]

-apple2: Added support for version 2 .WOZ floppy image files. [R. Belmont]

-z80ne: Corrected error in ROM from when it was transcribed by hand. [Robbbert]

-vtech2: Added support for French and German, selectable via machine configuration switches. [Robbbert]
* Note that it will crash when Reset is selected, logged as MT07180.

-rulechan.cpp: Cleaned up code, and turned Demo DIP switch on by default. [Roberto Fresca]

-brkthru.cpp: Fixed brkthrut PROM addressing and added notes. [Roberto Fresca]

-e132xs.cpp: Fixex CMPB and SUBC instruction emulation and instruction length flags when using the DRC. [Ryan Holtz]

-midtunit.cpp: Converted video emulation to a device and removed static global variables. [Ryan Holtz]
* Also added a DMA blitter graphics viewer that can be enabled with a preprocessor macro.

-midtunit.cpp, midxunit.cpp: Cleaned up code and converted logging to use logmacro. [Ryan Holtz]

-tms32031: Fixed disassembler and eliminated MCFG macros. [Ryan Holtz]

-pocketc.cpp cleanup: [Ryan Holtz]
* Reduced duplication, improved member names, reduced runtime tag map lookups, and converted logging to use logmacro.
* Removed MCFG macros, made better use of language and framework features, re-formatted code, and cleaned up comments.

-Updated bgfx and bx to latest upstream code. [Ryan Holtz]

-cave.cpp: Removed MCFG macros and made common configuration blocks into functions. [Ryan Holtz]

-Eliminated MCFG macros from may devices and drivers, including all but one of the CPUs. [Ryan Holtz, Ivan Vangelista]

-pasopia7: Increased keyboard poll rate to 5 kHz - allows de-bounce code to work. [shattered]

-hp_dio: Added DMA enable to control register of human interface card. [Sven Schnelle]

-mb87030.cpp: Fixed FIFO behaviour (fixes SCSI on HP9000/382). [Sven Schnelle]

-m68kfpu: Added (d16,An) addr mode to WRITE_EA_FPE (used by NetBSD's ps command). [Sven Schnelle]

-Added support for building with clang on FreeBSD/NetBSD, and added a missing header to video/xavix.cpp. [Thomas Klausner]

-gsword.cpp: Dumped gsword MCU and replaced simulation with preliminary emulation. [Vas Crabb, Caps0ff, *=/STARRIDER\=*]
* Demoted gsword to MACHINE_NOT_WORKING and MACHINE_IMPERFECT_SOUND as there are issues with credits registering and sound.
* Removed BAD_DUMP flag from josvolly MCU dump - there's no reason to believe the MCUs contain different programs.

-Updated and improved some command-line option descriptions. [Vas Crabb]

-Fixed failure to construct/destruct non-trivial objects that caused crashes when using DRC back-ends. [Vas Crabb]

-goldstar.cpp: Dumped graphics ROMs for Fruit Bonus 2010. [Canil Babypet]

-brkthru.cpp: Re-dumped ROMs and dumped PROMs for brkthrut. [ClawGrip, jordigahan, Recreativas.org, The Dumping Union]

-balsente.cpp: Added a missing mainboard PAL dump, and improved documentation for Spanish Trivial Pursuit sets.
[ClawGrip, Recreativas.org]

-leapster.xml: Documented some undumped games (there are dozens still missing). [ClawGrip]

-brkthru.cpp: Dumped PALs, added PCB layout and updated notes for darwin. [f205v]

-ymmu100.cpp: Added missing ROMs. [Guru]

-aristmk5.cpp: Improved documentation. [Heihachi_73]

-aristmk6.cpp: Added two BIOS sets, and fixed some PCB locations. [Heihachi_73]

-Brute-forced DES key for Sangokushi Taisen 2 satellite (Chihiro). [Peter Wilhelmsen, Morten Shearman Kirkegaard]

-m24: Added BIOS versions v1.1, v1.21 and v1.36, and added additional comments and links. [rfka01]

-berzerk.cpp: Corrected ROM labels for berzerk1 based on board photographs. [Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]

Download: MAME v0.205 x86
Download: MAME v0.205 x64
Source: Here

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