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EmuCR: Vita3KVita3K Git (2019/03/14) is complied. Vita3K is an experimental PlayStation Vita emulator for Windows, Linux and macOS. The emulator currently runs a few homebrew programs in .vpk format. No commercial games are playable.

Vita3K Git Changelog:
* io: Properly statting files in read_dir.
* io: Setting SCE_S_IFREG only to files on Windows.
* io: Fix path trimming and added dot trimming.
* Implement vargs and printf functions (#322)
* shader: Remove explicit qualification in convert_gxp_usse_to_spirv
* Merge pull request #420 from petmac/gui-cleanup
* util: Formatting
* gui: Move menu states inside structs
* gui: Split up menu functions
* gui: Formatting
* gui: Tidy up source files
* gui: Fix function casing
* gui: Fix function casing
* gui: Put GUI identifiers in `gui` namespace
* gui: Remove some memory management
* gui: Fix some unused variables
* gui: Change namespace from `imgui` to `gui`
* gui: Fix security warning on Clang
* gui: Clean up headers

Download: Vita3K Git (2019/03/14)

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