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EmuCR VisualBoyAdvanceVisualBoyAdvance-M Git (2019/07/20) is compiled. VisualBoyAdvance-M(VBA-M) is a [Super] Game Boy [Color / Advance] emulator for Windows, Linux & Mac. Here you can get information about the latest development build of the Windows version and download it while you're at it.

VisualBoyAdvance-M Git changelog:
* joysticks: hack to better support 360 triggers
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'vbam-libretro/master'
* Merge pull request #61 from retro-wertz/gb
* Cleanup: Remove previous core option struct and unused variables etc
* Add GB Color Correction core option
* GB: Fix selected palette not applied when loading content...
* Merge pull request #59 from retro-wertz/gb
* Fix android build
* GB: Allow support for colorizer patched games
* GB: Send LCD interrupt only if there is no INT 48h signal
* Merge pull request #57 from retro-wertz/sync
* Fix crash caused by incorrect variable index for analog sticks
* libretro: Add core option sublabels
* Libretro: Update GBC memory map

Download: VisualBoyAdvance-M Git (2019/07/20) x86
Download: VisualBoyAdvance-M Git (2019/07/20) x64
Source: Here

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