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EmuCR:Xbox EmulatorsXQEMU Git (2019/07/05) is compiled. XQEMU is a open source, cross-platform emulator for the original Xbox (and Sega Chihiro). It is currently in very early stages of development. XQEMU is built on-top of QEMU.

XQEMU Git Changelog
* build: Specify Xenial (16.04) for TravisCI
* smbus: Fixup potential buffer oob on ADM1032
* Merge branch 'master' into merge-v4.0.0
* build: Update deps, always update homebrew
* build: Fixup Git dirty detector
* build: Fixup Git commit detector
* smbus: Fixup smbus_read/write_block calls
* hvf: Use target-specific printf formatters
* build: Remove --with-sdlabi option
* hvf: Disable dirty tracking in hvf_log_sync
* hvf: Fixup get_reg_ref prototype
* smbus: Cleanup SMC device and track cmd
* smbus: Cleanup CX25871 device and track cmd
* smbus: Cleanup ADM1032 device and track cmd
* smbus: Fixup headers
* chihiro: Fixup headers
* lpc: Update qemu_chr_new call arguments
* xbox_pci: Replace deprecated init func with realize
* xbox: Fixup headers
* xbox: Rename pit to pit_enabled per pcms change
* Merge tag 'v4.0.0' into merge-v4.0.0

Download: XQEMU Git (2019/07/05)
Source: Here

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