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EmuCR: QuickPlayQuickPlay v4.7 is released. QuickPlay is a powerful universal emulator frontend, which has support for countless emulators and systems. QuickPlay is written in Delphi 2006 and is released under a BSD license which means its free AND you can take the source code and do whatever you want with it, as long as you leave our names in it somewhere.

QuickPlay v4.7 Changelog:
* Synctool
- you can setup a single Remote and local folder - anything under will sync: clicking on a rom will cause it to cache locally if necessary
- directories are mirrored as well as files cached, so folder structure form source is maintained (you know what roms are from what system)
- symlink support so that you can extend your storage/keep CD/DVD files in a different location
- Synctool Options - Electron UI Element which manages and talks to the new qpnode settings file
- Romdata Flip - Users can change the Local path to the Remote one and vice versa in multiple Romdatas
- UI component to Romdata Flip shows you files changed, also prompts confirmation
- Remove syncing abilities of QuickPlay Multiloader, now vastly superceeded
- update Johnlib with various types of exe running code that have varying effects (like printing to console)
- QuickPlay calls to node to see if Synctool is Enabled before doing anything
- waits a while after running so you can see what happened, also writes to logfile in QuickPlay's root
- quit with ctrl+c implemented (you sometimes have to wait for the current chunk to finish)
- copies timestamps as well as files, uses timestamps to determine equality
- timestamp difference tolerance (configurable). I don't know why sometimes timestamps are off with copies of files not done through synctool, but they are
- timeout for finding roots (try not to hang loading a potential rom just because we can't check if its the same file as on the server)
- some investigation of a stream-based solution, left as an option but just too slow

* Mametool Paths
- Disabled by default, Mametool can work out paths of all files from mame.xml and print them in Romdatas
- Implemented for both Arcade and Mess Softlists (much more useful for the latter)
- We can only sync one file, but print helpful info to the log about other files which need to exist locally in order for games to run (eg: BIOS)
- Mame Options enlarged and added to
- you can select what kind of merged roms you have (it affects what the filenames would be)
- looks up your mame.ini (or mess.ini) for your MAME Rompaths, uses conventional names to distinguish (or you can have all roms in one ROMS folder)
- defaults to old behaviour in case of issues (printing a 'sentinel' filepath in a romdata entry so QuickPlay ignores the filepath element)

* Right-click explorer explores to file not just dir (thanks to user 'quickplayer')
* Quotes in mednafen in case of no 8:3 (also thanks to 'quickplayer')
* fixed bug with mame0.211 softlist printing (thanks to u-neeks for a fantastic bug report!)

* Node/Electron
- First use of Nodejs Electron in QuickPlay to run synctool options (the hope is to extend this somewhat)
- build and binary process implemented, Delphi makes appropriate exe calls
- resolved some issues with old js packaging process, hopefully to be superceeded by the new process
- json options file implemented, creation process implemented (its a plan to avoid upgrading issues with overwriting settings)

EmuCR: QuickPlay

Download: QuickPlay v4.7
Source: Here

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