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NooDS Git (2020/02/04) is complied. A (hopefully!) speedy NDS emulator. NooDS is available for Linux, macOS, Windows, and the Nintendo Switch. Automatic builds are provided; to use them, you'll need to install wxWidgets on Linux or macOS, or the latest Visual C++ runtime library on Windows. NooDS doesn't provide high-level emulation of the BIOS yet. To actually run games, you'll need BIOS files, named "bios7.bin" and "bios9.bin", and a firmware file, named "firmware.bin", placed in the same directory as the executable. On the Switch, you'll also need to have a ROM file named "rom.nds" in the directory, because there's no file browser yet.

NooDS Git Changelog:
* Switch to 48000Hz to fix issues on some systems
* Implement bitmap objects
* Fix the display swap timing for dual-screen 3D
* Blend semi-transparent objects
* Switch to MinGW for better Windows optimization
* Minor UI adjustments
* Add control remapping to the desktop UI
* Fix the cancel button in the path settings
* Split the desktop UI into multiple files and update the README
* Fix and bring back the timer optimization that broke audio
* Add the core settings to the desktop UI
* Update copyright year and fix builds
* Add a basic settings system and some core settings
* Support EEPROM 0.5KB saves
* Add polygon culling
* Implement 2D blending
* Fix Linux autobuild
* Set the sound bias on direct boot

Download: NooDS Git (2020/02/04) x64 for Windows
Download: NooDS Git (2020/02/04) for Switch

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