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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSBox-X v0.83.1 (2020/05/02) is released. DOSBox-x is a branch of DOSBox. DOSBox emulates an Intel x86 PC, complete with sound, graphics, mouse, joystick, modem, etc., necessary for running many old MS-DOS games that simply cannot be run on modern PCs and operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and FreeBSD.

DOSBox-X Changelog:
Sound Blaster emulation fixed to better handle Goldplay
mode detection false positive in 1994 demoscene demo
myth_dw.zip when using Sound Blaster Pro setting in
the demo. The initial state before music starts is
like Goldplay mode, but when music actually starts the
DMA programmed to normal state without restarting
DMA playback.
dosbox-x.conf is now recognized as the default config
file name in addition to dosbox.conf. The sample config
file "dosbox.reference.conf" has been renamed to
"dosbox-x.reference.conf" as well (Wengier)
Tandy DAC output fixed to slowly ramp last sample to
zero DC sample (128) when switched off. This fixes
loud popping (DC offset) problems with Tandy DAC
sound effects in Prince of Persia. This new behavior
also seems to match real Tandy 1000 hardware according
to video captures of it's audio/video outputs while
playing Prince of Persia on it.
Tandy/PCjr 3-voice fixed to respond to I/O port 0xC0
regardless of 8-bit or 16-bit I/O (fixes Prince of
Write-protecting a disk image in IMGMOUNT and BOOT
commands now supported by putting a leading colon (:)
before the image file name. Works with disk swapping;
e.g. "BOOT :C:\DISK1.IMG C:\DISK2.IMG" only write-
protects C:\DISK1.IMG but not C:\DISK2.IMG. The new
config option "leading colon write protect image" can
be used to disable or enable this behavior (Wengier)
Support for changing DOSBox-X internal time (Wengier)
Support for pipes (|), e.g. "DIR | MORE" should now
work as expected; it is recommended to set the %TEMP%
(or %TMP%) environment variable to a writable directory
inside DOSBox-X before using pipes (Wengier)
Improved redirections using "<" or ">" (Wengier)
Improved Ctrl+C handling in some commands (Wengier)
Improved Tab completion in the command shell (Wengier)
Improved -get & -set options for the CONFIG command,
e.g. support for config options with spaces (Wengier)
Improved REN (or RENAME) command to support wildcards
(* and ?) in the source and/or target files (Wengier)
Some improvements to commands like MORE & VER (Wengier)
Added BREAK, VERIFY and TRUENAME commands as in a real
DOS system. Type "[command] /?" for help info (Wengier)
Implemented FOR command to run a specified command for
each file in a set of files. Also added LFNFOR command
to control whether to use long filenames in the FOR
command as in MS-DOS 7+ (Wengier)
Implemented ATTRIB command to view and set attributes
of files or directories (Wengier)
Added emulation of R (readonly) attribute bit for
Linux and Unix systems through the user-writable
file mode bits of the filesystem.
Fixed PC DOS 2000 crash during installation.
PC speaker: Mode 3 (square wave) and a counter value
of 1 produces a low frequency square wave. Ulrasonic
frequencies do not begin until count == 2. This fixes
helicopter noises in Paratrooper.
Fixed PC speaker emulation to allow higher PC speaker
frequencies (10x the value of pcrate) to reduce
hiss/noise/aliasing noise that occurs when games
program ultrasonic frequencies into the counter to
"silence" the speaker. "Titus the Fox Marrakech and
Back" should no longer have audible hissing noises
between beeps when the game is using the PC speaker.
Increased DOS device limit, to avoid E_Exit() crash
if all LPT and COM devices are enabled along with
the new CLIP$ device.
Minimum MCB free default changed to better reflect
a typical MS-DOS setup with minimal to no drivers.
This should result in a report of 600K-ish memory
free, which is equivalent to Windows 95 without
anything loaded except COMMAND.COM.
DIR command now supports /S (search all directories)
as well as /A, /AS, /A-S, /AH, /A-H, /AR, /A-R, /AA,
/A-A options for file attribute support; Note that
DIR /A shows all files and directories whereas DIR
alone (without /A) shows all except system/hidden
ones as in a real DOS system (Wengier)
DIR command now shows the real free disk space on
local drives. It is possible to limit this free space
for certain programs with the -freesize option of
MOUNT command. A new config option "freesizecap" is
added to change the behavior of this option (Wengier)
DIR command fixed to show the volume label of the
drive you are listing, instead of always the current
drive (rderooy)
Various improvements to DEL and COPY commands, e.g.
fixed the DEL /P option having no effect, and "DEL ."
deleted all files in the current directory silently;
the COPY command now asks for confirmation before
overwriting files, and it now supports /Y and /-Y
options to change this behavior, which can also be
set from the COPYCMD environment variable. (Wengier)
Added or fixed help information and/or error messages
for some commands. (Wengier)
Added support for DOS programs to communicate
with the clipboard in Windows builds. If the
"dos clipboard device enable" setting in
dosbox-x.conf is set to "true" or "full", a DOS
device (default name: CLIP$) will be added to
allow bidirectional communications with the
clipboard (e.g. "DIR >CLIP$" will write the
output to the clipboard, and "TYPE CLIP$" will
show the clipboard contents). Alternatively,
you can set it to "read" or "write" to allow
only read or write access for security reasons.
The DOS device name can also be changed with
the "dos clipboard device name" setting in
dosbox-x.conf. (Wengier)
Added support for using the right mouse button
to copy and paste from the Windows clipboard; the
config option "clip_key_modifier" can be used to
change the keyboard modifier such as none, alt, ctrl,
shift, or disable this feature (default). (Wengier)
Updated the PasteClipboard feature in SDL1 build
to support Unicode text translations; also fixed this
feature not working in SDL2 build. The config option
"clip_paste_speed" is added to speed up or slow down
the pasting speed for different DOS programs (Wengier)
Support for DOSLIB2's w95sysrg/w95sysrs utils to
get/set system registry location in DOS 7+. (Wengier)
Long filename support added, adapted from
the vDosPlus project. It will be enabled with
an initial DOS version of 7.0 or higher. (Wengier)
Corrected return value when using option to
fake the installation of SHARE. (Allofich)
Added code to EMS emulation to print specific
debug information when a PC-98 specific call is
made to remap segment B000h to either system
memory or video memory. I do not have enough
test cases or a setup to test what really happens,
so it will remain a debug message for now.
Added dosbox-x.conf option to allow emulation of a
DOS environment that lacks ANSI.SYS. NOTE: The
option has no effect in PC-98 mode.
INT 2Fh now responds to AX=1A00h which is an installation
check to report whether ANSI.SYS is resident.
Added INT 21h debug logging for file I/O and general
INT 21h usage [patch by ognjenmi]. Added enables for
the logging which are off by default since the INT 21h
and file I/O logging are fairly noisy under normal

Download: DOSBox-X v0.83.1 (2020/05/02)
Source: Here

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