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EmuCR: Nintaco Nintaco (2020/05/01) is released. Nintaco is a work in progress. It is a NES-Famicom-Dendy emulator written in Java 8, ostensibly making it cross-platform. The full source will be made available per LGPLv2.1.

Getting Started
If double-clicking the jar does not automatically launch the emulator, try: java -jar Nintaco.jar
Configure input: Options | Button Mapping...
If you are using an 8 button controller, such as a USB NES gamepad, try mapping Rewind Time to Start + B.
If you want to resume at arbitrary points in the past: Tools | Watch History... and Resume Here

Nintaco (2019/04/07) changelog
Added hat / POV (point of view) switch D-pad support.
Added a switch for uniform-pixel scaling to reduce shimmering in Fullscreen Mode.
Added a switch to disable overscan.
Fixed bug that inhibited the smooth-scaling option from being saved.
Added support for the Dongda PEC-586 Keyboard.
Improved accuracy of TXC mappers 36, 132, 136, 172, and 173.
Fixed Zapper support in Strike Wolf.
Added more NES 2.0 mappers.
Fixed erase battery saves bug.
Updated the cart DB.

Download: Nintaco (2020/05/01)

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