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EmuCR: RockNESRockNES v5.64 is released. RockNES is a Nintendo (NES) emulator that supports total PPU emulation, total intelligent emulation (including VRCVI intelligent, used by some Japanese games), battery backed RAM, Famicom DiskSystem, VS Unisystem, and some 70 different mappers. In gain, RockNES includes lots of different video modes, as substantially as the ability to loading and economise your back at any stage. You can flush record movies of gameplay.

RockNES v5.64 Changelog:
- Default palette is restored on new ROM loading (fix when a VS palette was selected).
- Sprite address is always cleared on VBlank end, fixing a few unlicensed games.
- Now you can select GUI colors for menus.
- Video options were separated from [Misc] menu.
- Fixed custom fullscreen setting (on General settings), saves the current video mode.
- Fixed a bug setting on/off percentage of FPS.
- Fixed "general settings" and "set directories" GUI dialogs not "closing".
- Fixed "sound options" GUI dialog (all options are working ok).
- Fixed a few mapper/board names in order to be shorter, avoiding glitching the GUI.
- General tweaks, cleanups and minor improvements.

Download: RockNES v5.64
Source: Here

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