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Swiss r963 is released. The swiss army knife of gamecube homebrew. Swiss aims to be the ultimate utility Gamecube homebrew application.

Swiss Changelog:
It's memory card emulation.
It's not quite ready for prime time still, but it has been a while, and general improvements have been pilling up.
It's currently limited to the following device combinations:
DVD + SD Card Adapter
GC Loader + SD Card Adapter
It currently has the following issues:
These devices still use synchronous I/O functions for the SD Card Adapter. Audiovisual glitches may occur during Memory Card access.
Changing channel on, or hotplugging a Wireless Receiver will cause the system to crash upon transmission from a WaveBird Controller on the set channel.
Due to insufficient memory space, disc read speed emulation is disabled.
On a system where a Memory Card hasn't been inserted in a particular Memory Slot since the system settings were last reset, the emulated Memory Card will be reported as unusable.
Probably more. Use this feature at your own risk.
@emukidid committed:
Push credits updates
@Extrems committed:
Find EXI functions.
Redirect EXI to hypervisor.
Change how function names are formatted.
Add skeleton of EXI emulation.
Disable EXI emulation for devices that can't afford it.
Disable disc read speed emulation for the time being.
Add basic memory card emulation.
Add SD card read/write.
Find __OSDispatchInterrupt.
Use PI interrupt instead of MI interrupt.
Revert commit 1901ec8.
Check for write success.
Add EXISync signature found in Sonic Mega Collection.
Fix VIGetDTVStatus signature matching.
Pass both low and high arena to hypervisor.
Add EXI DMA transfer completion delay.
Fix EXI interrupt masking.
Fix virtual memory card in the same location as physical SD card.
Add "Emulate Memory Card in Slot B" option.
Attempt to improve IGR reliability.
Split off memory card emulation.
Split off disc read speed emulation.
Reorganize emulator.
Support Slot A.
Remove some magic numbers.
Minor optimization.
Make DVD-R spin-up more robust.
Small cleanup in DI emulation.
Pass through device in Slot B.
Stub out VerifyID.
Remove obsolete "Force Text Encoding" option.
Delete configuration file before writing it anew.
Improve PAD signature matching.
Switch Swiss video mode before stopping DVD motor and network init.
Add device name to File Service Protocol.
Enhance EXI signature matching.
Reorder EXI signatures found in Pokémon Colosseum.
Add game-specific patch for Disney Sports Skateboarding.
Add game-specific patch for Disney Sports Soccer.
Add game-specific patch for WTA Tour Tennis.
Remove read queue hack.
Discard in-flight read when stopped.
Start buffering immediately.
Fix issues with disc read speed emulation.
Bundle autoexec.dol for SD Media Launcher and newer Action Replay.
Commit local change for MinGW-w64.

Download: Swiss r963

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